Bogus Basin Wedding | Idaho Wedding Photographer


  • O lovers, lovers it is time
    to set out from the world. 
    I hear a drum in my soul's ear
    coming from the depths of the stars.

    Our camel driver is at work; 
    the caravan is being readied. 
    He asks that we forgive him
    for the disturbance he has caused us, 
    He asks why we travelers are asleep.

    Everywhere the murmur of departure; 
    the stars, like candles
    thrust at us from behind blue veils, 
    and as if to make the invisible plain, 
    a wondrous people have come forth. 

  • -Rumi

Laid Back California Coast Bridals | California Fine Art Film Wedding Photographer

With the turning of the green
the fevered hues engulf my soul
rich radiant reds glistening in the sun
as my heart gleams with memories
of the solemn words that fall from
your angelic lips.
The ornate orange and dynamic yellows
come to life
like those sparkling flecks dancing
inside your autumn eyesOh my heart
my heart, rest my heart.
Breathless the breeze blows a subtle scent
of sweets from the pink flowing Amaryllis.
Blow sweet breeze blow off into the night
and on your wings I plant my kissA loving kiss
filled with the finest fruits of my harvest like the
finest bottle of red served on the terrace overlooking
the Grande Canal in Venice under a moonlit sky.
Blow sweet breeze blow and onto her veranda swirl
swirl gently into her palatial palace and wrap my love
firmly upon her waiting cheek
— -Tim Smith

The California coast is one of my favorite places all time to shoot a wedding. There are so many little interesting towns like Monterey, Carmel- by-the-sea and Big Sur just to name a few. There is so much to explore and plenty of beautiful California landscapes for wedding photography. Plus, you can't get better light than Cali light! So whimsical and buttery. So of course when I came down to Palm Springs for a wedding, I had to drive to San Diego to see some friends and take advantage of the amazing coastline. 

Downtown Boise Winter Wedding- Madeline & Luke

Maddie and Luke had a winter white wedding the day before New Years Eve in Downtown Boise, Idaho. They travel the world and their guests were of course, from all over so they were happy to get to show them some Idaho snow! 

It was a simple, sweet, very genuine wedding with the sweetest bride and groom along with all of the best Boise vendors. 


A Post Wedding Day Session is included at the top of the gallery. I LOVE these sessions because we can wonder pretty landscape and take our time getting those beautiful scenic shots. It also reduces wedding day stress and lets you be with your guests more! Win win. Do a post wedding day session!